The Role of HR in Reimagining the Organisation

The Role of HR in Reimagining the Organisation
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Date(s) - 11th November 2020
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

The London HR Connection is delighted to invite you to join our next (free of charge) webinar at 4.30pm on Wednesday 11th November when we will be exploring ‘Organisation Design for HR Professionals.’

A challenge we all face at the moment is delivering what is required to keep the organisation operating effectively during the pandemic whilst, at the same time, laying the foundations for more longer-term, transformational changes.

As a business shifts and adapts in response to Covid, its operating model will also need to change. It is therefore timely for HR to check whether their organisation’s operating model is fit-for-purpose – does it reflect the new commercial realities? Will it enable the business to function at a lower cost base, accommodate new ways of working and empower teams to quickly respond to changing customer demands?

HR plays a critical role in the design and implementation of new operating models acting as subject matter experts and challenging the robustness of the new design. They are also in a unique position to effectively translate the people implications of new proposed ways of working and develop the capability of their teams. But where do you start?

This highly interactive session will be facilitated by Gary Ashton and Julie Brophy from specialist firm OE Cam who will be joined by Sharon Saxton, formerly HRD of Virgin Atlantic, Walt Disney and more recently Group HRD of City & Guilds. She will discuss the OD challenges for HR and share her experience of transforming an organisation’s operating model from the HR perspective.

They will also share practical advice and examples of:

  • Understanding the context for change and its implications for the new
    operating model
  • Mapping the current operating model as a base line
  • Designing and evaluating new operating model options
  • The role of HR in reimagining the organisation.

Timings: 4.30pm – 6.00pm

The zoom link will be sent one day in advance of the webinar, and one hour before the webinar as a reminder. 


Bookings are closed for this event.