The psychology and reality of hybrid working

The psychology and reality of hybrid working
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Date(s) - 28th April 2021
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

As restrictions are lifted, organisations now have to consider if, when and how to bring people back into shared working environments as well as continue to support those working remotely.  Our webinar on 28 April – hosted in conjunction with specialist organisational effectiveness consultancy OE Cam – will reveal the ‘unintended consequences’ of moving to a more hybrid model.

During this highly interactive session, we will discuss the psychology of hybrid working, brought to life by real life experiences from Jenny Sawyer, Director of People, Culture & Change at Stonewater Housing Association.  Together we will look at how HR can support leaders to address some of the specific challenges ahead:

  • How can leaders continue to effectively motivate and communicate with hybrid teams so that everyone feels equally connected to the organisation?
  • How will the organisation design support the effectiveness of hybrid teams?
  • How autonomous will teams be in the future and how will leaders balance more traditional ‘command & control’ with the increased empowerment of a hybrid?
  • How can leaders overcome their unconscious biases about the two different groups? (working from home or in the office)

A key point that is already clear is that there is no one right way to address the challenges of hybrid working.  The best approach will be different for each organisation so it is therefore important for HR to help leaders to think through the options and understand the consequences before putting plans into action.

Simulating future ways of working

OE Cam will share the approach they’re using with clients to support them as they make the decisions for their own situation and talk about the experience of simulating new ways of working and stress-testing them from both a rational and emotional perspective.  Looking at:

  • The macro level hybrid design
  • Simulating how the design will work in an area within HR’s remit – which develops the capability of the HR function
  • Working with HR to support senior leaders roll out the macro level vision into their own areas.


Timings: 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Cost: free of charge

The zoom link will be issued one day in advance of the webinar and again one hour before the webinar as a reminder.



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