Rethinking 21st century leadership for a complex world

Rethinking 21st century leadership for a complex world
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Date(s) - 18th November 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The London HR Connection is delighted to welcome two of the UK’s leading proponents in the field of leadership development to host this free of charge webinar.

Even though organisations have been experiencing disruption for some time, the pandemic over the past 18 months has especially but not exclusively, magnified the scale of volatility, uncertainty and complexity with life looking very different for organisations, business models and leaders. And the business landscape continues to change from factors such as climate change, the Black Lives Matter movement, Brexit after-effects and, most recently, the energy crisis. The impact of this on leaders is profound as the expectations and complexities they face outstrip their capacities to keep up. Working harder and faster isn’t cutting it. If we can’t reduce the complexity and uncertainty out there, we can only respond by helping leaders to grow new capabilities to respond to these changes in more expansive and innovative ways.

The session will be led by Mike Vessey and Carol Jefkins of MDV Consulting, a leadership assessment and development consultancy which helps leaders and organisations grow to meet and thrive in the complexity of today. They will share client experiences and discuss:

  • recent research on these shifting environments experienced by organisations and how expectations on leaders have changed
  • the capacities being drawn upon to navigate through these challenges
  • how these often-hidden capacities can be assessed alongside the more traditional personality and leadership competencies
  • how leaders can develop capabilities to think through and navigate complexity and uncertainty by deploying practices and tools
  • some of the benefits when organisations are able to assess and develop their leaders’ capacity to handle complexity and uncertainty
  • they will also share a protype video of a development practice which can be used by leaders to help them with thinking more fluidly.

The webinar will be interactive, seeking input from attendees on some of the themes shared.

Please note, the zoom link will be issued one day before the webinar and again one hour before. 


Bookings are closed for this event.