Musical Leadership, Teamwork & Innovation

Musical Leadership, Teamwork & Innovation
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Date(s) - 21st February 2018
6:00 pm - 8:15 pm


The London HR Connection is delighted to invite members and guests to a truly unique event on 21st February.

How does a conductor lead a symphony orchestra? How do jazz musicians improvise within a fast-moving environment? How do composers create new music? The world of music is full of excellent metaphors for today’s corporate environment. It also provides a dynamic new vocabulary for discussing business leadershipteamwork and innovation.

Dominic’s session begins with a brief introduction to music as a metaphor and explain how the arts can be used effectively as part of organisational development.  Like an orchestra, we will learn how exceptional performances are achieved through collaboration, listening and trust. They will then observe how different styles of leadership affect the way an orchestra feels and plays and how the greatest ‘maestros’ create a framework in which others excel.

The world of an orchestra will then be contrasted with the world of jazz.  Following a short performance by a live jazz group, the session will explore how jazz provides an excellent metaphor for the flexibility and spontaneity needed by today’s corporate player. It will show how small teams should adopt a ‘jazz mindset’ to thrive and innovate within a fast-moving and turbulent business environment.

Dominic Alldis is a jazz musician, conductor and business speaker. He has been talking about music to business audiences for over 15 years. In 2003 he founded Music & Management to provide a range of musicals events for business. As a business speaker he worked with over 50 global companies and is represented by some of the world’s leading speaker bureaus, including London Speaker Bureau, Speakers Associates, Speakers Corner, Speakers Ideas and Premiere Speakers. Dominic is an Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music and a Steinway Artist.


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